As I grew up I was constantly creating and drawing. At 16 years of age I worked at Rattee and Kett stone masons and quickly became interested in carving and sculpture. I went on to specialise in Sculpture during my degree at The Slade School of Fine Art from 1995-1999.

My degree show focused around sculpted props that moved and danced on films. This urge to marry model making and film lead me directly to animation. I co-founded DuckEye Ltd with Jey Malaiperuman and we quickly honed a hand-made, old skool, stop frame style and found work in the world of advertising and music videos. 

Seven years later after working with the likes of Orange, Zero 7, Nike, The Green Party, Nokia and many more, I moved to Cambridge with my growing family and have turned my attention to drawing fewer ‘frames per second’. I am now an illustrator and have rediscovered my love of painting and drawing.


I accept commissions, large and small and am also working towards an exhibition of my paintings for 2015. 


Please contact me with all enquiries.

Telephone: 07977 468363